Jöran Tesse
I am Jöran Tesse, a graduate student in IT-Management and -Consulting at the university of Hamburg. This subject area consecutively follows my bachelor studies in computer science (B.Sc., grade 1.6) at the FH Dortmund. Besides mandatory courses about programming, IT security and usability engineering, I specialized in web engineering (thesis 'Performance Optimizations in JavaScript for Canvas2d Rendering'; about to be published), artificial intelligence as well as computer graphics / digital image processing. Regarding the choice of my graduate courses, my goal was to broaden my base of knowledge, rather than specializing further. Currently, I am attending courses about innovation management and IT governance as well as security concepts in mobile communication and distributed systems.
Bachelor Thesis
The bachelor thesis of my undergraduate studies of practical computer science was about performance optimizations in JavaScript for Canvas2d rendering. Some of the proposed concepts were implemented and researched in an exemplary game created solely for this thesis.
Browser game
Thesis (.pdf)
Website Performance
I have chosen this topic for my study project as this was a great introduction to the topic I am currently working on for my bachelor thesis: advanced javascript optimization techniques.
Researched scenarios
Completed paper (.pdf, german)
During the lecture Artificial Intelligence we were asked to create a program (in groups), which was supposed to solve a game by utilizing the taught concepts of artificial intelligence. The program created by Nini La and me achieved full credit.
Nini La's homepage
Project documentation (german)
We were able to choose from a few well known board games, which we then had to carefully plan an implement, with a strong focus on architecture and software design patterns that were lectured in "Softwaretechnik 2". The main challenge was to create an architecture that was easy to understand and, more importantly, easy to extend with new features. The achieved goal was a piece of software that had a high overall code quality and was easy to maintain and update.
Water on Mars
From the available seminar papers at the FH Dortmund I have worked on a multi-agent-contest (artificial intelligence) together with Johannes Rückert. The contest we analyzed was named "Water on Mars" and was a purely software-based simulation where two teams of autonomous vehicles battled for the limited water ressources in a fictional future mars settlement. Participants of the contest were colleges from all over the world which made this a really interesting topic to study.
Internetseite des Veranstalters
In cooperation with a local photographer I am currently working on his public website sommerphotographie.de. It not only features a completely customized layout and purpose-oriented content-management-system, it is also designed to adapt to the screen sizes from smartphone to desktop computer.
Entwicklungsversion der Seite
As a project website for artistically and ambitiously edited pictures of doors, I have created a modern HTML5-Site, utilizing mainly the Canvas2d-object to display the doors. The layout's main concept is to drag the doors horizontally across the screen by mouse or touch, which turned out to be quite interesting and even fun to use.
This is a design study, demonstrating how a Canvas2d can dynamically connect parts of the layout.
I am currently studying IT-Management and -Consulting (M.Sc.) at the university of Hamburg, and have a bachelor's degree in practical computer science (B.Sc., avg. grade 1.6) from the FH Dortmund. Regarding my bachelor studies, I am especially proud of my thesis (grade 1.0) as well as other outstanding performances in IT-security and several courses related to media informatics.
FH Dortmund (Informatik)
Uni Hamburg (ITMC)
I started relatively early to read books in english, which prepared me quite well for my year in the US during 11. grade. Since the proficiency of speaking a language can greatly diminish over the years, I have reacently decided to get certified for still being quite adept at speaking english: I gained two CEFR Level C1 certificates from EF and passed my TOEFL iBT (english test) with 108 of 120 points.
TOEFL (english test)
I have gained the "Abitur" (advanced german school degree permitting cellege admission) at the Bernhard-Riemann-Gymnasium with advanced courses in mathematics and physics. During eleventh grade I spent 10 months in the USA as an exchange student at the Aberdeen Central High School.
Aberdeen Central High School
Ever since I picked up piano lessons about 20 years ago, I have been a piano enthusiast and even recorded a few compositions of my own. Today, I mostly play for recreation and as a creative counterpart to everyday life.

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